Do you know about Nanushka?

Sandra Sandor launched Nanushka over a decade ago, but with its made-in-Budapest label, minimal aesthetic, approachable price point and very cool Spring collection, it feels more relevant than ever. Get to know the designer and the brand with five key facts to know about the designer and the brand.


Bloggers & Celebs Are Wearing This New Brand Like Crazy

Every now and then, a brand just becomes a total blogger favorite. You know, when it feels like everyone you follow on Instagram is wearing the same jacket in the same week. A lot of the time, that "coincidence" is a result of said brand gifting the items out; other times, it's because the brand is simply having "a moment" (or, it's a combination of the two). The latest line to catch our eye is Nanushka, a Budapest-based label that checks all the boxes when it comes to being on-trend and good for Instagram.


Brandwatch: Nanushka

Nanushka makes the sort of clothes you expect to spy on yachts — glamorous in a stealth-wealth kind of way — and counts model Gigi Hadid as a fan. So it might come as a surprise that the label is all about functionality and comfort. Its founder, Sandra Sandor, is based in Budapest and prides herself on tech-linens from Japan that don’t crinkle and bumbags with multipurpose straps.


Szandra Sandor, the designer of Nanushka on Forbes cover

Sándor Szandra, a Nanushka márka alapítója és vezető designere. Ő volt az első magyar divattervező, akinek munkájában egy kockázati tőkebefektető fantáziát látott. 2 éve több mint 500 millió forint befektetést kapott. A cél a külföldi terjeszkedése, mára már 9 országban van ügynöke, de 28-ban van jelen. 69 városban 150 üzletben lehet Nanushka ruhákat vásárolni. Egy évben közel 25 ezer ruhát vesznek meg tőle.


Nanushka International Zrt.     Nanushka Studio, 27 Révész Street Budapest 1138, Hungary     hello@nanushka.com