Company Overview

Nanushka is a contemporary womenswear brand founded in 2005 in Budapest, named after head designer Sandra Sándor.
Produced in Europe, seasonal collection aim to combine playful cuts and beautiful fabrics with elegance and comfort.

Contrasting the overwhelming noise of the big-city experience, Nanushka’s garments are designed for the urban escapist. In design beauty follows function, built for those always on the move, dressed for all occasions from morning till night.


Creative Director – Sandra Sándor

Sandra Sandor graduated from London College of Fashion, only to return to her home town Budapest to establish the brand.

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over 100 Stockists in 24 Countries

Nanushka is present in 21 countries with more than 90 stockits worldwide. The Budapest Store is located in the heart of the city at 3 Bécsi street. 


proudly headquartered in BUDAPEST

Based in Budapest the Nanushka Studio accommodates a team of 30 employees including the in-house sampling atelier working firmly with the design division. 




“If something is designed to function well, it will be beautiful by definition.” We have our own perception of creativity combines playful shapes and diverse sourced fabrics with elegance and comfort. 


We are committed for equality of opportunity for all staff. We encourage individual decision making, ownership over authority and we believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. 


We never compromise on our firm belief that whatever we do has to be the best possible of what we are capable of. We are our own competition and we are facing it every day. 


Nanushka International Zrt.     Nanushka Studio, 27 Révész Street Budapest 1138, Hungary